Bliss Massage

30-90 MIN • $50-$105 

A custom relaxation massage to restore natural balance. Choose one of our uniquely blended aromatic and healing essential oils. *Light to medium pressure.

• Neck + Back (30 min) $50
• Full Body (60 min) $75
• Ultimate Relaxation (90 min) $105


Deep Tissue Detoxification Massage

30-90 MIN • $65-$125 

This massage experience is designed to help heal the body from the rigors of stress by loosening bonds between layers of muscle and tissue throughout the body allowing body systems to eliminates waste and introduce a sense of deep restoration. *Not recommended for all persons. Deep pressure (may cause soreness).


Prenatal/Post-Partum Massage

50 min • $65

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience full of emotions and change. This massage experience promotes relaxation, soothes nerves, and instills a feeling of well-being for both mother and child. Support systems are utilized to maximize comfort.


Hot Stone Massage

60 min • $95    
90 min • $125

Warm basalt stones gently massage your body delivering heat directly to fatigued muscles inducing relaxation and increasing circulation. A grounding experience. Great anytime of the year.


Mud Mask Body Exfoliation

$125 • 90 min

A healing experience from the richness of the earth. Starts with a dry brush to prepare the skin to detox. Detoxifying red clay is applied  your body  allowing impurities to be drawn out. You will then be cocooned as you enter into a state of increased relaxation. Followed by a warm shower. Finish with a 60 minute massage.



Take your massage to the next level by adding one of our enhancement treatments to your next 30, 60 or 90 minute massage.

DRY BRUSH • + $15

Exfoliates skin and prepares skin to absorb hydrating massage oils.


Our unique massage oil candles are lit until a warm pool of massage oil is formed for your massage leaving skin smooth and moisturized.


One of the best ways to relieve daily stress and anxiety.

BODY EXFOLIATION • +$45 (30 min)

A frictional application of fine organic salt or sugar, essential oil is smoothed over the body removing dry, rough, dead skin. Improving circulation and leaving skin radiant. Followed by a warm shower. *Must be added to a 30, 60 or 90 minute massage.