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Benefits of Choosing Shellac Polish:

A superior manicure choice that blends the durability of gel with the ease of traditional nail polish. Shellac polish, known for its longevity and pristine finish, offers a glamorous look that lasts. Here’s why you should consider Shellac for your next manicure:

  1. Long-lasting Beauty: Enjoy up to 14 days of chip-free, vibrant nails. Shellac’s robust formula ensures your manicure remains flawless, avoiding frequent touch-ups​.
  2. Quick Drying: Say goodbye to smudges! Shellac nails dry swiftly under UV light, setting in minutes and allowing you to continue your day without the hassle of waiting​.
  3. Wide Color Selection: With over 100 shades available, Shellac offers a color to match every mood and outfit. From deep, luxurious tones to bright, playful hues, the extensive palette ensures versatility in style​​.
  4. Mirror-Like Finish: The glossy topcoat of Shellac not only protects but also provides a spectacular high-shine finish that enhances the depth and clarity of the color, giving your nails a stunning, glass-like sheen​​.
  5. Natural Look: Unlike thicker gel polishes, Shellac’s formula is lighter, providing a more natural feel and appearance without compromising on durability​​.

Benefits of Choosing Shellac Polish:

Shellac is designed to be gentle on your nails, preserving their natural strength. The polish is free from harsh chemicals that could weaken nail beds, making it a safer alternative for regular use. Additionally, the UV lamps used for curing have a minimal risk compared to daily sun exposure, and we recommend applying SPF to your hands as a precaution​

Benefits of Choosing Shellac Polish:

To extend the life of your Shellac manicure, avoid exposing nails to harsh chemicals and use gloves when cleaning. Regularly apply cuticle oil to keep your nails hydrated and healthy

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